Friday, March 28, 2014

I see cake...beautiful inspiration all around you!

I see cake in everything...everything!!

I can't walk in a mall, through Target, look at magazines and watch TV without seeing patterns, colors, and inspiration that screams, "Turn me into a cake!""

SO, I had to share some with you!!  I might have to do a "I See Cake" posts more often!!! 

Here are some recent finds that would make a beautiful cake!!!!
 Glorious shoe with sparkly bow!!  This double bow would be gorgeous anywhere.  Use some gold gumpaste and cover it with gold disco dust!!  Beautiful!!  You can find my bow template/how to HERE.
 Beautiful purses!!  SO many colors, textures, patterns, bows and chain details can be found by looking at purses!!!  Check these beauties out!!!
 Love this mint color and that sweet bow with the studs in it!!  Sweet and simple!

 LOVE this saggy bow and the deep coral and turquoise together!!  SUCH a great combo!!

 LOVE that top border/scallop detail!!!  Beautiful!!

 Color, pattern, & white & pink & gold!!!  Stunning combo!!
 Spring is here!!!  Look at these beautiful colors!!

I hope you enjoyed all the inspiration!!  

Now go design a cake!! :)

Custom Lettering & Monograms for Cake Decorators - Tutorial

The infamous Nicolas Lodge just kicked off another incredible class with Craftsy!!  It's ALL about lettering and monograms!! 

I have heard from all of you and know that many of you struggle with how to get text/font/lettering onto a cake!! - so in my newest class "Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes" I have a lesson on how I do it too...I show about 5 different techniques and ways to do, that's another place you can check out for ideas.  

But when this class launched, I was excited because Nicholas covers even more...much more!! - a whole class full of tips & techniques for lettering!!

PLUS, I have a discount code for you all that never expires!!  Click HERE for the discount!!!

Take this's a must have!! - and because I know you'll enjoy it!

Cutter Sale & Discount Code!!

Big sale over at Not Just Cakes by Annie's shop later today (Friday, March 28th)!!!!  It starts today at 4pm Pacific Time!!!  Be there on time or you'll miss out!!

***I have a special discount for you!!***
If you've purchased my latest Craftsy class, "Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes", you might have noticed I use her adorable cloud cutters on two of the cakes!!!  She has given me a SPECIAL promo code for my sweet fans for $3 off those cloud cutters!!!  Head over to her shop (Click HERE) at 4pm today Pacific Time and use code: JessiCakesCLOUD

Thank you SO much Annie!! 

Make sure you look around!! - Annie has some INCREDIBLE cutters and stencils you will not see anywhere else! - super graphic, clean, fun, modern, trendy patterns and cutters!  I LOVE her shop!!!!

**OH, and remember, if you haven't taken this birthday cakes class of mine through Craftsy, here's a link to get $20 off!!!  Click HERE!

Have fun shopping!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes" - The Class is LIVE!!!!

It's here...finally!!!

My third online class with Craftsy has just launched and I'm so excited to share it with you!!!!

And, because I love you all, I'm giving you my personal sweet and special discount of 50% off this class!!  Click right HERE to check out what's in the class and get the $20 discount!!!! 

This is my magnum opus! :) - my last class and my favorite class because it's inspired by my three amazingly fun and cute kids!

The theme of the class is sculpting with rice crispy treats but there's much much more to it than just that.  What's fun is that there is very little "hand" sculpting involved because I show you some super simple tricks to get perfect shapes using things around your house.  I also have a VERY new and fantastic technique to get your rice crispy treats SUPER smooth so you can put on a really thin coating of ganache/buttercream or a thick one if you'd like.  But, no more lumpy rice crispy treat sculptures!!

I also heard all your requests to help you with fonts and texts and how to get signs, fonts and text on your cakes.  I show you several easy and simple ways that involve hand painting, using edible images, Tappits and more.  You will gain all the tools you need to put any graphic/font on a cake in a very clean and simple way!

But, that's not all!! - I show you a fun new way to achieve ombre colors simply, how to texture wood grain and cover your cake boards, plus provide you with TONS of template so you can create all the cakes in the pictures above really really easily!!  Nothing is left to will be able to make clean and simple birthday cakes!!!

OH, and one more thing...Photoshop! - yes...there is a bonus Photoshop lesson on how you can use the templates and cake sketches I provide to change up the patterns and colors so you can customize these designs to fit your party and your theme!!!

SOOOO much fun!!!  I can't wait to share it with you!!!

**Again, click HERE for 50% off this class**

I hope you enjoy it!! :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Super Scrumptously Perfect Chocolate Cake Recipe

I have a yummy treat to share with you today!!!!

Summer Stone from Cake Paper Party has created the perfect chocolate cake recipe!!  She combines the beauty and denseness of an Australian Mudcake with the Fluffiness of an American chocolate cake!!!

OHHHH, my mouth is watering!!!

She is incredibly brilliant and really understands the science of time you need a chocolate cake, make this one and let her know what you think!! :)

Check out her recipe HERE!!!


Happy "Pi" Day Cupcakes!!

Today is 3/14 or "Pi" day (3.14)...a clever holiday for geeky people like me!! :)

I saw these super cute cupcakes that look like tiny pies and thought they'd be perfect for all of you wanting to make a sweet treat for your favorite people today!!  Grab some colored M&M's and some tan colored frosting and you're set!!  Easy!

Click HERE for the full article and tutorial.